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BORGNE - royaume des ombres CD

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Swiss misanthropic black metallers "Borgne" have released the newest full length album named "Royaume des Ombres" on June 12th through Sepulchral Productions. Im not going to write / think of the physical form of music of the album "but, its soul" and this work is great.

Ill clarify here that I am not tied to any particular style of music, I like music, period (I'm no purist and I am proud of it anyway). In fact I support the idea that there are only two kinds of music, good and bad! In general, I think that music, without distinction of gender, is so important to the life of a person, as the basic foundation in human growth. The knowledge to appreciate a good song is the same has appreciating a good painting, or a good book or movie, this is intimately related to the domain of emotions that one particular individual has.

"Royaume des Ombres" is a magnificent work that can mess with my emotions "temperament, personality and motivation," with my human nature, as a set of characteristics described by philosophy, including ways of acting and thinking, that all human beings have in common, even misanthropes, who are by nature averse to human beings and human nature in general "a misanthrope is someone who is suspicious of humanity in a generalized way." The word comes from the Greek Misanthropia, the union of the terms μίσος (hate) and άνθρωπος (man, human being).

In fact I was fortunate to be among the first with the privilege to hear this fantastic art (music) which is basically to combine sounds and silence and there is no doubt that music history is intertwined with the history of the development of intelligence and human culture and as noted in "Royaume des Ombres".

Well, if you think of cinema as a cultural artifact created by certain cultures that are reflected in it and that, in turn, affect them, here we could say that this movie has no country ... "The world is its country" and do not need subtitles. I like by principle to relate major musical works and cinematographic works "Royaume des Ombres" fit neatly into the Oscars winner Crash by Paul Haggis.

"In LA nobody touches you. We're always behind metal and glass. I think we feel such a lack of touch, we hit each other just to feel something." (Crash Phrase). From here, Crash is a film that shows a portrait of a society marked by prejudice. This, however, is not reflected in the naive formula black-white, but is shown as a colorful and complex reality: black, white, muslim, latino, poor, rich.

I never gave and will never give notes to musical works but this time I feel like saying "Royaume des Ombres" shoots the scale ... 11 to 10. Let us wait anxiously upcoming works of art.

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